Manufacturer and specialist advertising newspapers , the calendars and publications .
For more than 20 years serving companies, embassies and institutions.

Margy Consultants – Manufacturer of advertising calendars, calendars and publication of advertising

Margy Consultants make and print customized calendars and calendars for companies, embassies and institutions that want a sustainable and profitable advertising tool.

Margy Consultants is a leader in the manufacture of advertising newspapers and calendars for Africa by Diplomatic and African institutions and private companies.

We control the production chain and the quality of your agendas and calendars (graphic design, printing, layout and shipping) for best results at the lowest market price! Advertising calendars and calendars are customizable from the logo for the choice of materials, colors, brands and other desired criteria. Our motto “You think we realize.”

As a consulting communication our experts can offer their knowledge, helping you to have a clearer insight into your prospects and development strategies.

Here is our partner and material programs provider: Nebraska – Parigina – Vivella as well as agenda Amphora brand.

Discover all our products among our three main categories: calendars , the calendars and publishing advertising .

Margy Consultants – Who are we?

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