The advantages of the paper catalogue

Advertising Margy Consultants Marketing Printing

A couple of years ago, proposing an on-line catalogue would have been proof of a company’s innovation and commercial dynamism.

5 March 2018

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Merchandising media: reduce your advertising budget for a long-term investment return

Advertising Communication Margy Consultants Marketing

Marketing techniques and promotional media have become more diverse and accessible in 2016. However, certain merchandising approaches are more effective and profitable than others. The use of merchandising supports remains an extremely effective way of maintaining and creating customer loyalty.

25 September 2017

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Digital advertising, new perspectives and new targets

Advertising Business Digital

On 14 and 15 September this year, the city of Cologne hosted the Dmexco fair devoted to corporate digital marketing.

30 September 2016

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Mobile advertising monopolises digital advertising budgets

Advertising Digital

The forecast was received without surprise. In 2017, the volume of mobile advertising will overtake that of the PC, according

7 July 2016

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Augmented reality breathes new life into advertising objects

Advertising Communication

In 2016, augmented reality is no longer an impossible dream for marketers. At the merest mention of this phenomenon, marketers’

30 June 2016

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Printed advertising is still effective in 2016

Advertising Paper industry Printing Publishing

Quite unexpectedly, the printed advertising sector has retained its dynamism despite digital advertising’s breakthrough the past few years. BALmétrie, in

9 May 2016

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To captivate the Generation Y (or Millennials), businesses must adopt the most efficient advertising strategy

Advertising Marketing

Everyone’s target group, the generation Y, has gained a significant amount of attention and is an important target for many

21 April 2016

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Companies and marketing: proposing quality advertising contents to reconquer internet users

Advertising Business Marketing

The importance of personalised and optimised advertising to publicise the brand Web marketing is one of the essential communication and

14 April 2016

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The battle of media supports: print advertising defies digital

Advertising Digital Publishing

In 2016, revenue from digital advertising will increase three times more than for other supports. However, if internet continues to

7 April 2016

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Development of digital printing with product personalisation

Advertising Digital Marketing Printing

Personalisation techniques are well-known in marketing. The Mars company launched the United States’ biggest marketing campaign 15 years ago when

10 March 2016

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Promotional merchandising or how to be more effective in your Marketing strategy?

Advertising Communication Marketing

With a promotional t-shirt or a personalised branded diary, promotional merchandising is becoming one of the most effective methods of

23 February 2016

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