Companies and businesses: do you want personalised advertising diaries for your customers?

Business Margy Consultants Printing Publishing

Margy Consultants, personalised diary specialist for France and Africa proposes its expertise May is the ideal time to order a

9 July 2018

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Your company’s annual report: a diagnosis of the firm’s corporate health, maintaining the brand’s image

Business Communication Margy Consultants Marketing

Proposing a personalised annual report, a personalised choice of marketing support for your professional partners. Your company has closed its

18 January 2018

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Now is the time to order your 2018 advertising calendar!

Business Communication Margy Consultants Printing

Why should you choose an advertising calendar in 2018? Advertising calendars are an essential corporate communication tool. More than just

1 June 2017

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Komori innovates with its H-UV Lithrone G29 offset press

Business Events Printing Printing Industry

On the occasion of the European Open House event , Komori Europe will make headlines with its H-UV Lithrone G29

10 October 2016

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Digital advertising, new perspectives and new targets

Advertising Business Digital

On 14 and 15 September this year, the city of Cologne hosted the Dmexco fair devoted to corporate digital marketing.

30 September 2016

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Ten marketing and communication books you should read now

Business Communication Digital Marketing

Marketing and communication are undergoing constant development in the digital universe. For those people who want to keep themselves up

28 July 2016

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Zulma Publishing House: Cover communication

Business Communication Graphics

The Zulma publishing house is characterised by its colourful covers and graphics. The covers are instantly recognisable and are both

21 July 2016

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Four reasons why a company should develop its image

Business Communication Marketing

A company’s visual identity takes on an important marketing dimension. It represents the first contact between a company and its

21 July 2016

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Towards a new shopper marketing

Business E-commerce Marketing Webmarketing

Who are today’s shoppers? Shoppers are all individuals with their own desires, needs, impulsive feelings, habits, reasoning and contradictions. Today,

14 July 2016

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Giving new life to paper and cardboard packaging

Business Paper industry

The growth of the packaging industry According to a recent study, the global paper and cardboard packaging market currently at

13 July 2016

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Six corporate communication trends in 2016

Business Communication Marketing

The advent of digital has shaken up corporate marketing strategies. Constant digital innovations linked with new consumer practices, have applied

30 June 2016

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Caring for the company image thanks to its visual identity

Business Communication Marketing

A company’s visual identity is the sum of its representative graphic elements. It is exemplified by a blend of forms,

16 June 2016

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