Digital advertising, new perspectives and new targets

Advertising Business Digital

On 14 and 15 September this year, the city of Cologne hosted the Dmexco fair devoted to corporate digital marketing.

30 September 2016

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Influencer marketing: the weight of social networks and blogs

Communication Digital Marketing

Influencing the purchasing decision is one of the corner stones of marketing. Not always well perceived by the public, this

19 September 2016

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The Paris Retail Week Fair returns for its second edition

Communication Digital E-commerce Events

Three days devoted to augmented retail The second edition of the Paris Retail Week Fair will be held from 12

8 September 2016

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Ten marketing and communication books you should read now

Business Communication Digital Marketing

Marketing and communication are undergoing constant development in the digital universe. For those people who want to keep themselves up

28 July 2016

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Why the French are receptive to interactive point of sale supports

Digital E-commerce Marketing

French consumer behaviour and expectations concerning businesses Even if the French have changed their consumer style, shops remain the number

28 July 2016

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Mobile advertising monopolises digital advertising budgets

Advertising Digital

The forecast was received without surprise. In 2017, the volume of mobile advertising will overtake that of the PC, according

7 July 2016

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Artificial intelligence at the centre of digital innovations

Communication Digital

Digital technologies are developing rapidly. During the general meeting of EBG, web gurus took out their crystal balls in trying

7 July 2016

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Discover cloud computing’s secrets in the service of digital marketing at Cloud Week 2016

Communication Digital Events Marketing

Cloud computing week will be held in Paris between 4 and 8 July 2016. After the success of the previous

23 June 2016

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Digital marketing’s corporate place in 2016

Business Digital Marketing

Rather than reading tea leaves, professionals prefer to exchange their experience at digital marketing conferences organised by Viuz. These exchanges

26 May 2016

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The current challenges of digital marketing for companies

Business Digital Events Marketing

A digital themed day The fourth edition of the conference cycle organised by Viuz and focusing on digital marketing will

28 April 2016

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The battle of media supports: print advertising defies digital

Advertising Digital Publishing

In 2016, revenue from digital advertising will increase three times more than for other supports. However, if internet continues to

7 April 2016

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Digital Week, the time to stimulate your communication and make your marketing more efficient!

Communication Digital Events Marketing

Digital Week proposes to review your company’s digital performances and explore the innovations that will continue to boost your business

22 March 2016

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