Back to school for graphics: Ask for the programme!

Communication Events Graphics Printing

September 2016 is going to be very busy in the graphics universe and agendas should be up-dated quickly to accommodate

8 September 2016

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Zulma Publishing House: Cover communication

Business Communication Graphics

The Zulma publishing house is characterised by its colourful covers and graphics. The covers are instantly recognisable and are both

21 July 2016

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The 22nd edition of the journal Graphisme en France (Graphics in France) to focus on graphic research

Business Graphics

In the 22nd edition of the the journal Graphisme en France, the Cnap (Centre national des arts plastiques), will assess

12 May 2016

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Graphic printing, or the quality challenge

Graphics Printing Publishing

The quality of graphic work, a print or packaging, often and to a great degree depends on the paper used.

3 March 2016

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