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Companies and businesses: do you want personalised advertising diaries for your customers?

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Margy Consultants, personalised diary specialist for France and Africa proposes its expertise May is the ideal time to order a

9 July 2018

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The advantages of the paper catalogue

Advertising Margy Consultants Marketing Printing

A couple of years ago, proposing an on-line catalogue would have been proof of a company’s innovation and commercial dynamism.

5 March 2018

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Your company’s annual report: a diagnosis of the firm’s corporate health, maintaining the brand’s image

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Proposing a personalised annual report, a personalised choice of marketing support for your professional partners. Your company has closed its

18 January 2018

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Merchandising media: reduce your advertising budget for a long-term investment return

Advertising Communication Margy Consultants Marketing

Marketing techniques and promotional media have become more diverse and accessible in 2016. However, certain merchandising approaches are more effective and profitable than others. The use of merchandising supports remains an extremely effective way of maintaining and creating customer loyalty.

25 September 2017

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Margy Consultants, advertising publisher, at your service

Margy Consultants Printing Printing Industry Publishing

The different printing choices can be adapted to all business supports that we propose. Catalogues or “look-book” Catalogues or “look-books”

7 June 2017

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Now is the time to order your 2018 advertising calendar!

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Why should you choose an advertising calendar in 2018? Advertising calendars are an essential corporate communication tool. More than just

1 June 2017

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The CCFI awards Cadrat d’Or prizes to three printing houses

Events Margy Consultants Printing Industry

On the occasion of the 60th edition, the Cadrat d’Or prize was attributed to 3 printing houses for their proposed

9 June 2016

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Five strategic diversification axes for printing houses

Margy Consultants Printing Industry

Faced with a depressed economic climate, the commercial printing sector is increasingly looking to reinvent itself by diversifying its activities.

2 June 2016

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The paper books have not finished being printed !

Margy Consultants Paper industry Printing Industry

We live in an era when it would be easy to think that data is essential in every sector. However

31 March 2016

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Printers and suppliers are optimistic regarding the prospects for 2016

Margy Consultants Printing Printing Industry

Professional surveys confirm that the global printing industry and its associated suppliers are extremely optimistic regarding this year’s economic growth

17 March 2016

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Margy Consultants – Who are we?

Business Margy Consultants Printing Printing Industry

Margy Consultants boasts more than 20 years experience as the leading provider and manufacturer of advertising diaries and advertising calendars.

23 February 2016

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