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Giving new life to paper and cardboard packaging

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The growth of the packaging industry According to a recent study, the global paper and cardboard packaging market currently at

13 July 2016

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Printed advertising is still effective in 2016

Advertising Paper industry Printing Publishing

Quite unexpectedly, the printed advertising sector has retained its dynamism despite digital advertising’s breakthrough the past few years. BALmétrie, in

9 May 2016

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Renewed growth for traditional publishing in 2016

Paper industry Printing Publishing

To the great relief of professionals the traditional publishing sector appears to be recovering. After several years of lean times,

28 April 2016

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Visual and packaging communication supports: the paper industry world in constant search of innovations!

Communication Paper industry Printing Industry

Visual communication constantly proposes new products for business communication Even if web communication has seized power, it is not the

21 April 2016

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The paper books have not finished being printed !

Margy Consultants Paper industry Printing Industry

We live in an era when it would be easy to think that data is essential in every sector. However

31 March 2016

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Paperworld Trade Fair 2016 and the other international paper industry trade fairs

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The Paperworld Trade Fair 2016 was held in Frankfurt from 30 January to 2 February 2016. It is one of

23 February 2016

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