Companies and businesses: do you want personalised advertising diaries for your customers?

Business Margy Consultants Printing Publishing

Margy Consultants, personalised diary specialist for France and Africa proposes its expertise May is the ideal time to order a

9 July 2018

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Margy Consultants, advertising publisher, at your service

Margy Consultants Printing Printing Industry Publishing

The different printing choices can be adapted to all business supports that we propose. Catalogues or “look-book” Catalogues or “look-books”

7 June 2017

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Printed advertising is still effective in 2016

Advertising Paper industry Printing Publishing

Quite unexpectedly, the printed advertising sector has retained its dynamism despite digital advertising’s breakthrough the past few years. BALmétrie, in

9 May 2016

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Renewed growth for traditional publishing in 2016

Paper industry Printing Publishing

To the great relief of professionals the traditional publishing sector appears to be recovering. After several years of lean times,

28 April 2016

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The battle of media supports: print advertising defies digital

Advertising Digital Publishing

In 2016, revenue from digital advertising will increase three times more than for other supports. However, if internet continues to

7 April 2016

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Graphic printing, or the quality challenge

Graphics Printing Publishing

The quality of graphic work, a print or packaging, often and to a great degree depends on the paper used.

3 March 2016

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