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How to choose between all kinds of advertising calendar the one that will fit you ?

To put on a desk or on a wall, big, medium or small, rigid or flexible, advertising calendar can be declined under customizable models and sizes to fit to the preferences and needs. A select promotional calendar according to your business and your target is an important step that shouldn’t be ignored. But this step is not necessarily easy. That’s why we drew up a list of different types of existing promotional calendar including their characteristic and utilities in order to help you determine which model best suits your communication needs.

Advertising banking calendar

Banking calendar is the most popular of adversiting calendar. Indeed, almost half schedules offered as promotional gift, and whatever the type of targeted customers, are banking format.

Banking calendar is rigid and can be fix on a wall. But it can also be placed on the desktop. Perfect to write brief notes, organize and visibly see the annual planning, banking calendar will fit right into the professional space of your customers and partners.

Advertising calendar in banking format additionally has a large labeling and customization area to accommodate and highlight your name and logo.

Banking calendar 2018 - Margy Consultants Advertising calendars manufacturer

In this way, the banking calendar is a good way to advertise your business and remember its existence to your prospects. Therefore, this allows you to retain your customers, ensuring a return on investment noticeable and significant.

Advertising easel calendar

Advertising easel calendar is probably the model most optimized for promotional calendar for business communication. But also the most appropriate calendar for a business gift. Indeed, it should be highly appreciated by your customers.

Taking advantage of a small format and a large area of customization with its cover and illustrated sheets, the easel calendar can easily highlight the image and services of your company. You can customize it with beautiful illustrations (paintings, landscapes, photographs …). With the advertising easel calendar, you can more easily give free rein to your imagination, to amaze and positively mark the minds of your customers. More especially as our team knows how to be creative and bring the greatest care in creating and achieving your calendar.

easal calendar - Margy Consultants Advertising calendars manufacturer

Thus, more than a tool for work and organization, easel calendar is a design and attractive object that your customers will display proudly on their desk!

If you choose the easel calendar to advertise your business, then you have a very good chance that it takes place on the desk of your customers. And your advertising impact will be even more effective. Indeed, if the easel calendar allows loyalty, it also becomes an excellent tool for prospecting in the circle of your customers, and in the same time becomes a dynamic and significant promotional item!

3 month advertising calendar

3 month advertising calendar, also called quarterly calendar, is a planning tool very functional and enjoyable, which will very likely be used by the recipient.

It has a right column to write notes according to the days. Unlike other advertising calendars, the 3 month calendar is also equipped with a cursor, or index, used to directly identify the current day. It also folds into several parts, which is useful for transportation. Note that you may as well send a promotional calendar 3 months to professional customers as individuals.

3 month calendar - Margy Consultants Advertising calendar manufacturer


For all these advantages, the three months calendar has long been an essential among advertising calendars. What could be more appropriate and sensible than providing a working smart to your customers that will make life easier?

Moreover, the three months advertising calendar offers a very large area of customization that allows you to expose your business into the environment of your customers throughout the year. Like the easel schedule, the 3 months calendar is a promotional calendar that can effectively retain and attract prospects.

Advertising cd calendar

Upscale, the advertising cd calendar is mainly offered to your most prestigious clients as New Year promotional gift, for example. This model is perfect for gratify and retain your client.

The advertising cd calendar consists of illustrated cards that effectively broadcast the identity of your business. Indeed, the large capacity to customize this type of advertising cd calendar is a great asset to build your reputation among your customers and their business relationships. For each month, you may submit a new card, and therefore a new facet of your business. The cards can be personalized with your logo and an illustration of your choice.

Advertising CD Calendar - Margy Consultants Advertising calendars manufacturer

The cd calendar can also be used briefcase, which is very convenient. You can drag the commercial documents, and communicate about your business.

Aesthetic and practical with its transparent shaped easel case, this promotional calendar will adorn the office of your customers for their pleasure.

If you are looking for another business gift to offer to your customers and business partners, you can also think about the advertising diary, which remains a sure value for advertising like the calendar.

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