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Customization is a key step in making your advertising calendars. Indeed, they convey the image of your company, but also remind your customers and partners the existence of your services and / or products. Furthermore, the calendar is a best-selling promotional products, and must be original and aesthetic to stand out from the competition. For all these reasons, it is necessary to customize your advertising calendar upstream of manufacture. The quality and readability of your logo as well as its location, are examples of items to consider. Margy Consultants help you in this important step :

In view of the different models of advertising calendars, many customization options available to you.

  • The banking calendar, although the advertising calendar is the most common, is not the model that offers greater customization area. Banking calendars usually have characteristics that limit the marking area. However, the horizontal strip in the top of the calendar helps promote the company’s visibility.

Banking Calendar - Margy Consultants Manufacturer and Printer

  • The easel calendar, also known as photo calendar, is recommended to conduct an advertising campaign by the object. It offers a large marking area, and numerous customization options. Indeed, in addition to a cover page that highlight your business using your logo, useful information and pictures, the easel calendar pages or benefits from clean sheets every month. In this way, you have the ability to customize each page according to your convenience, for example with pictures of your business, or illustrations.

easel calendar 2018 - Margy Consultants Manufacturer and Printer

3 month calendar - Margy Consultants Manufacturer and Printer

CD Calendar 2018 - Margy Consultants Manufacturer and Printer

Desk Blotter calendar - Margy Consultants Manufacturer and Printer


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