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Visual and packaging communication supports - Margy consultants blog

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Visual and packaging communication supports: the paper industry world in constant search of innovations!

Visual communication constantly proposes new products for business communication

Even if web communication has seized power, it is not the only business communication and marketing vehicle. The paper industry has always coined new words as well as innovative and creative supports for the business world. Visual communication remains one of the best marketing vectors, whatever anyone claims!

Why does the paper and packaging industry constantly propose new business communication supports?

It goes without saying that the marketing and communication industries have been significantly shaken by the encroachment of the web and its many advertising vectors. However, companies have been able to preserve traditional communication methods, and have never stopped demonstrating their effectiveness. Visual communication is still considered a sure value today in marketing techniques by all companies. Nonetheless, it must propose a number of innovations to be as rapid and efficient as web marketing solutions.

The paper industry is therefore on a continual quest to renew its range of visual communication products and to propose equally durable and effective innovations for their customers.

“Innovation is a part of our DNA and in our role as distributor, we must select the products that constitute veritable creative revelations”, states Alexis Dormoy, director of sales and marketing operations at Inapa France.

Three significant innovations in paper products and communication packaging: the world of visual marketing in constant development

Thanks to Inapa’s “Révélations créatives” the professionals of the paper industry can unveil their new products and the many innovations in the packaging, visual marketing and communication sectors. This annual trade fair proposes innovations in visual communication for marketing professionals.

During an earlier fair, three new particularly promising products were highlighted, demonstrating their numerous possibilities and manufacturing methods: the “MultiLoft” or sandwich product, as well as the “Crush” and “Remake” paper ranges.

The “Multiloft”, or sandwich product, makes it possible to manufacture packaging adapted to all the needs and creative wishes of businesses by proposing hitherto unseen structures combining product thickness and multiple colours. The assembly technique and pre-glued inserts of “Multiloft” allow a record weight and thickness, previously impossible to achieve.

The two new paper manufacturing techniques “Crush” and “Remake” proposed by Favini, are moving towards new waste recycling processes. “Crush”, a new paper range derived from agro-industrial waste products, is composed of 15% waste products, 55% virgin fibres and 30% recycled fibres. It is also manufactured using 100 % green energy. Manufactured from by-products of the Italian leather industry, the “Remake” paper range does not use chrome. It is composed of 25% by-products, 30% recycled fibres and 45% virgin fibres.

The paper and packaging industry has not finished to astound and surprise the professionals of the marketing and visual communication industries!

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