Margy Consultants Services

Your communication agency specialized in printing personalized advertising

You want to create and print a personalized communication medium according to criteria and budget well defined? Margy Consultants will assist you:

  • Our advertising offers management of your communication by finding adequate funding to advertisers,
  • We are all the viability of your project and define the necessary budget
  • We handle the entire process, from the layout to the print order.

An unparalleled expertise in printing and personalization of your advertising

Share its expertise and professionalism, Margy Consultants guarantees a high-quality print of your communication medium. We print your promotional tool the name, logo, and contact information of your company or institution.

Margy Consultants services Margy Consultants services Margy Consultants services

Margy Consultants offers its services to companies, institutions and embassies. For each customer, print calendars (calendar advertising calendars personalized, professional diary, calendar, office diary pocket advertising …), calendars (promotional calendar, custom calendar, calendar banking …), and other ad impressions (flyers, business card, sales brochure …) is controlled for manufacturing and high-quality rendering.

You want to quote print advertising?

Contact our agency communication to create all your advertising medium.

Our services

Margy Consultants Creating


Working closely with your services, we define and set up the product best adapted to your communication.

Margy Consultants creating


Our professional teams, establish your graphic charter, design and layout of your works.

Margy Consultants financing


Our advertising department handle the sponsoring and financing, (partly or totally) required for the viability of your project.

Margy Consultants printing


We guarantee product quality, timeliness of delivery and printing.